LANGEBIO Cinvestav, Mexico

Andrés Moreno Estrada

Principal Investigator | | Twitter | Scholar

Andres I am a medical doctor and population geneticist deeply interested in molecular evolution and its implications in human population history and medical genomics. During my PhD I was trained in evolutionary and population genetics, which complemented my previous medical background. As a postdoctoral fellow with Dr. Carlos Bustamante and research associate at Stanford University, my work integrated genomics, evolution and precision medicine in many different projects involving large collections of populations, in particular from the Americas and the Pacific. Our group is interested in human evolution, adaptation, and population history as well as the biomedical implications of human genetic diversity in underserved populations of the world.

Mitzi Flores

Laboratory Administrator and Project Manager |

Mitzi I am the academic and administrative assistant of the Lab. Recently I obtained my PhD degree in Plant Biotechnology here in Cinvestav. I am interested in detecting molecular evolution and selection signatures in nematode genomes, specifically the entomopathogenic nematode S. carpocapsae.

Consuelo Quinto

Postdoctoral Fellow |

Consuelo I am a graduate of the Undergraduate Program on Genomic Sciences from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, and obtained my PhD degree from the Graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Genetics at the University of Arizona. The focus of my dissertation was the use of SNP array data to infer the demographic history of human admixed populations. I am involved in different projects at the Moreno Lab including the demographic study of Near and Remote Oceania and the ancestry service at LANGEBIO. My interests are human evolution, population and forensic genetics. I love Star Wars.

María Nieves Colón

Postdoctoral Fellow | | Website | Scholar

Snows I am an anthropological geneticist interested in admixture and human population history. I received my PhD in Evolutionary Anthropology from the Arizona State University School of Human Evolution and Social Change. My dissertation research focused on characterizing the population history of the Caribbean using ancient DNA and modern genomics approaches. I am currently a National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow jointly supervised by Dr. Andrés Moreno Estrada and Dr. Anne C. Stone (ASU). My work at the Moreno Lab focuses on understanding genetic structure, admixture and adaptation in Peruvian populations. I am originally from Puerto Rico.

Sergio Nigenda

Postdoctoral Fellow | | Website | Twitter

Nigenda I am a marine biologist graduated from the Universidad Autonoma de Baja California Sur (UABCS) in La Paz, Mexico, and obtained my doctoral degree from the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). My research interests have mainly focused on evolutionary biology of non-model mammal species (i.e. whales, marsupials and coatis) with an emphasis in ecological and evolutionary genomics, phylogeography, phenotypic diversity associated to patterns of gene expression and adaptation to different environments. In the Moreno lab I am involved in several projects, including fin whale, Virginia opossum and sea otter population genomics, and in collaboration with María Avila from LIIGH-UNAM we are exploring genetic variants related to skin pigmentation that might be under selection in human afro-mexican populations. I like hiking, camping, swimming and surfing.

Juan Esteban Rodríguez

Masters Student |

JuanEst I am a graduate of the Undergraduate Program on Genomic Sciences from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). I am currently working on the dynamics of admixture in Mexico, specifically on the number, timing, and magnitude of migration waves from the three main ancestries in Latin America. Some approaches I am using are the algorithm Tracts and IBD analyses. I hope to associate these results with historic events. Moreover, I am exploring the Asian ancestry in Mexico, one of the migrations that has not been taken into account in population genetic analyses in the country.

Javier Blanco Portillo

Masters Student | | LinkedIn

Javier Javier recently graduated from the Undergraduate Program on Genomic Sciences at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). Working under the supervision of Dr. Andrés Moreno, he spent the last year of the Program doing research on the population genetics of admixed human populations in the Americas and the Pacific. For his Master’s thesis at the Integrative Biology graduate program at LANGEBIO, he is now working on the genomic reconstruction of trans-Pacific human population dynamics. In addition to Anthropology, he is interested in Data Science, Systems Biology and Dinosaurs.

Andrés Kaufmann

Undergraduate Student |

caca I’m an undergraduate student in the program of Genomic Sciences. I am currently working on the evaluation of imputation performance of multiple arrays in Latin American populations

Alex Ioannidis

Visiting PhD Student

Alex Alex once drove all the way from Guanajuato to Stanford University, where he is a PhD student at the Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering (ICME). He is an integral part of the Moreno Lab, advising in the application and development of ancestry-specific methods for the deconvolution of complex demographic patterns.

Former Lab Members

  • Pavel Salazar (Masters Student)
  • Erika Landa (Masters Student)
  • Patricio Pezo (Visiting PhD Student)
  • Eduardo González (Undergraduate Student)

  • Collaborators

  • Karla Sandoval (LANGEBIO-CINVESTAV)
  • Selene Fernández Valverde (LANGEBIO-CINVESTAV)
  • María Ávila Arcos (LIIGH)
  • Diego Cortez (UNAM)
  • Samuel Canizales (UNAM)
  • Carlos Bustamante (Stanford University)
  • Mark Stoneking (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology)
  • Martin Sikora (Centre for GeoGenetics)
  • Elena Bosch (Institut de Biologia Evolutiva Barcelona)
  • David Comas (Institut de Biologia Evolutiva Barcelona)
  • Guido Barbujani (University of Ferrara)
  • John Novembre (University of Chicago)
  • Simon Gravel (McGill University)
  • Eimear Kenny (Mount Sinai)
  • Anne Stone (Arizona State University)
  • Mauricio Moraga (Universidad de Chile)
  • Ricardo Verdugo (Universidad de Chile)
  • Sandra Romero (INMEGEN)
  • Víctor Acuña (ENAH)
  • Lourdes García-García (INSP)
  • Teresa Tusie-Luna (INCMNSZ)
  • Carla Gallo (Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia)