LANGEBIO Cinvestav, Mexico

Andrés Moreno Estrada

Principal Investigator | | Twitter | Scholar

Andres I am a medical doctor and population geneticist deeply interested in molecular evolution and its implications in human population history and medical genomics. During my PhD I was trained in evolutionary and population genetics, which complemented my previous medical background. As a postdoctoral fellow with Dr. Carlos Bustamante and research associate at Stanford University, my work integrated genomics, evolution and precision medicine in many different projects involving large collections of populations, in particular from the Americas and the Pacific. Our group is interested in human evolution, adaptation, and population history as well as the biomedical implications of human genetic diversity in underserved populations of the world.

Laura Gómez

Laboratory Manager |

Lau I am an experimental biologist from University of Guanajuato. I did my thesis at the Molecular Immunomicrobiology Laboratory of the DCNyE in Guanajuato working mainly with antimicrobial peptides and bacterial strains typical of the vaginal microbiota. Likewise, I am interested in the different aspects of biology, especially microbiology, molecular genetics, and population ecology. I recently joined Dr. Moreno's Laboratory in the area of laboratory manager. I greatly admire the work done by this research team and am happily integrated with them.

José Antonio Corona (Josian)

Postdoctoral Fellow

josian I am a biologist specializing in bioinformatics and evolution. My main scientific interest is to understand the adaptation and evolution of living organisms to different environments from a genetic point of view. My training has led me to study the genomes and transcriptomes of many organisms including bacteria, plants, reptiles, and currently humans. In these studies, I have used computational science, statistics, and biology to generate new knowledge from the biological data to help understand biological systems at different levels.

Daniela Orozco

PhD Student |

dani Daniela is an M.Sc. student at CINVESTAV and alumna of the Undergraduate Program on Genomic Sciences from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). She's currently working with ancient DNA from the archaeological site Cañada de la Virgen, using whole-genome sequencing and reference panels from different populations. Daniela is also involved in the Afro-Caribbean project, which combines genomics and molecular approaches to study demographic events like migration and admixture. She's also interested in the bioethics related to genomic population field. When not in the lab, she enjoys baking and reading (novels and tweets mainly).

Carmina Barberena

PhD Student |

dani I'm (also) a graduate of the Undergraduate Program on Genomic Sciences from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). My current project in MorenoLab involves the analysis of identity-by-descent genomic segments to determine the population structure of Mexico and their implications in biomedical traits using the data from the Mexican BioBank. I am also involved in other projects as the Oceanian Genome Variation Project. I like photography, surrealist paintings, and good-looking cocktails, I also love rats; one of my dreams is to have a pet rat named Bojack.

Ram González

PhD Student | | Twitter | Scholar

ram I am a computational biologist deeply interested in human genetics and evolution. As a PhD student in the Morenolab, my research focuses on studying genomic patterns of adaptation in human populations from the Pacific and Latin America. I also enjoy hiking and outdoor activities, a good match of Catan, and learning new languages (Jag är lära sig svenska!)

Santiago Medina

PhD Student | | Website

santiago I am a computational biologist. I received my bachelor’s in agro-genomic sciences from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). I am passionate about evolutionary genetics, my research centers on understanding how demographic history shapes genetic diversity in Native American populations. I love learning mathematics, mainly probability theory. Outside research, I enjoy meeting with friends, hiking, and practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Marisol Espitia

Visiting PhD Student

marisol I am a biologist and have a Master in Science-Biology from the Universidad del Valle, Colombia. I am passionate about biology, especially population genetics. The focus of my academic training has been to study the genetic diversity and structure of indigenous populations in Colombia. My goal is to try to understand their population dynamics and their phylogenetic relationships with other Amerindian populations. Currently, I have joined Dr. Moreno’s lab as an undergraduate intern and am interested in applying bioinformatics to my line of research. Outside of science, I enjoy swimming in the evenings, listening to music while doing jigsaw puzzles or sudoku, reading romance novels, and spending time with my family and friends.

Sofía Vieyra

Masters Student |

sofía I am a masters student of the Integrative Biology Masters Program in LANGEBIO and a graduate of the program of Genomic Sciences offered by National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). The project I am currently working on in the lab is the demographic study of the populations in Oceania, particularly focused on ancient DNA and introgression. I am interested in population genetics, evolution, and domestication.

Mayté Cervantes

Masters Student |

mayte I am a nutritionist, graduated from the University of Guanajuato. I am interested in public health, epidemiology, public policy, and (of course) nutrition. The proyect that I am currently working on is focused on the analysis of seroprevalence of important pathogens in the Mexican population using data from the Mexican BioBank and the Mexican Health Survey 2000. I love reading books, outdoor activities, watching the sky at night and spending time with my family, friends, and cats.

Former Lab Members

  • Adriana Garmendia (Lab Admin & Project Manager)
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  • Patricio Pezo (Visiting PhD Student)
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  • Collaborators

  • Karla Sandoval (LANGEBIO-CINVESTAV)
  • Selene Fernández Valverde (LANGEBIO-CINVESTAV)
  • María Ávila Arcos (LIIGH)
  • Diego Cortez (UNAM)
  • Samuel Canizales (UNAM)
  • Carlos Bustamante (Stanford University)
  • Mark Stoneking (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology)
  • Martin Sikora (Centre for GeoGenetics)
  • Elena Bosch (Institut de Biologia Evolutiva Barcelona)
  • David Comas (Institut de Biologia Evolutiva Barcelona)
  • Guido Barbujani (University of Ferrara)
  • John Novembre (University of Chicago)
  • Simon Gravel (McGill University)
  • Eimear Kenny (Mount Sinai)
  • Anne Stone (Arizona State University)
  • Mauricio Moraga (Universidad de Chile)
  • Ricardo Verdugo (Universidad de Chile)
  • Sandra Romero (INMEGEN)
  • Víctor Acuña (ENAH)
  • Lourdes García-García (INSP)
  • Teresa Tusie-Luna (INCMNSZ)
  • Carla Gallo (Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia)